Preferred Sustainability Status

One of the benefits of being a Partner of Sustain Southern Maine is that Partners are eligible for Preferred Sustainability Status.  This status, granted by Sustain Southern Maine’s Executive Committee, can provide a Partner’s specific grant application with “bonus” points for some federal grant applications. These grants are primarily offered through the US Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Environmental Protection.

In order to receive preferred sustainability status, Partners should submit proposed projects to the Executive Committee of Sustain Southern Maine.  In order to qualify for bonus points, the projects must support Sustain Southern Maine’s goals and the six federal Livability Principles. These principles are:

  1. Provide more transportation choices
  2. Promote equitable, affordable housing
  3. Enhance economic competitiveness
  4. Suppourt existing communities
  5. Coordinate policies and leverage investment
  6. Value communities and neighborhoods

If you are a Partner and have questions as to whether your grant would qualify, or would like to become a Partner, please contact Rebeccah Schaffner, Program Director, at or 774-9891.