Project Timeline

Below are the project milestones that have been achieved to-date for Sustain Southern Maine. 

October 2010: Initial grant award made by HUD

February 2011: Grant officially activated

March 2011: Grant workplan accepted by HUD

June 2011: Partnership Compact accepted

November 2011: Request for Proposal for Consultants

November 2011: Data Commons created for uploading regional planning data

February 2012: Communications/Planning/Housing Consultant contract awarded

February 2012: Knowledge Sharing session on Placemaking

February 2012: Knowledge Sharing session on Regional Population/Housing Trends

April 2012: Name and logo finalized

April 2012: Regional Housing Council created

May 2012: Website launched

June 2012: Knowledge Sharing session on Local Foods and the Economy

August 2012: Sub-regional municipality meetings

August 2012: Potential pilot center locations identified

September 2012: Pilot center locations approved

September 2012: Knowledge Sharing session on Housing

October 2012: Initial meetings with pilot center towns

December 2012: Pilot center planning begins

December 2012: Knowledge Sharing session on Energy

April 2013: Knowledge Sharing session on New Mainers and Economic Vitality

January – June 2013: Pilot Center planning continues.

June 2013: Knowledge Sharing session on Regional Transit

June – September 2013: Development of lessons learned from Pilot Centers

September – November 2013: Regional meetings on lessons learned

December 2013: First draft of Plan complete

February 2014: Final Plan available

SMPSD Flow Chart3