Underserved Populations

SSM has made a point of reaching out to engage populations traditionally under represented in the planning process. This has included new immigrants, refugee seekers, the homeless, the elderly and those living under the poverty level.  These populations are in great need but also represent great opportunity.  Helping them improve their employment and housing situations improves our overall economy greatly.

  • SSM held a knowledge sharing session on integrating new Mainers into the economy in April of 2013
    • Click here for more information about this session including audio recordings and a written summary.
  • At the Nov 15th partnership meeting Carol Morris presented an overview of the under served population outreach.  This was followed by a presentation by Scott Hastings and Damon Yakovleff of GPCOG on Maine’s foreign born population.  They reviewed some demographic statistics on the population and presented SSM’s recommendations for better integrating immigrants into the workforce.  The powerpoint for these presentations can be found here.