Dollars & Sense

October 8, 2015

Undoing the Tragedy of the Economic Commons

Without a doubt funding the priorities necessary to improve the prosperity of our region will require new partnerships and new approaches. Check out this new report released by the Harvard Business School and U.S. Competitiveness Project titled Growth & Shared Prosperity.

“In June 2015, 73 leaders gathered at Harvard Business School to address what might be the most important economic questions in our country today: How can we have both growth and shared prosperity? How can we keep our competitive position in the world while at the same time raise the standard of living for the average American?”

“Among other issues, systematic under-investment in the commons has emerged as one of the root causes of the lack of shared prosperity in the United States today.”

“…the commons are simply the shared resources that allow our communities, citizens, and companies to be productive and competitive. For the purpose of this convening and report, we have focused on four areas of the commons that we believe are foundational to an economy that has both growth and shared prosperity: Workforce Skills, PK-12 Education, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, and Infrastructure.”