Pilot Centers of Opportunity

Which location sounds most like yours?

  • Gray Village: An older downtown with a significant amount of pass-through traffic. Expand upon current commercial redevelopment planning by exploring traffic calming, bike/ped connections and mixed-use opportunities in the larger village area.
  • Standish, Steep Falls Village: A once thriving hamlet. Re-energize by redeveloping a vacant former mill site, improving bike/ped facilities along existing roadways and introducing smaller space mixed-use development.
  • Westbrook, Prides Corner: A busy through-road dotted with emerging strip development. Change the look, feel and function of the area by adapting road geometry to encourage businesses that serve local residents, providing bike/ped connections and creating smaller housing units to increase density and create new customers, making this area a destination in itself.
  • Portland, India Street: An urban fringe, underutilized, mixed-use neighborhood. Develop a vision for enhanced growth and density without losing the existing vibe while serving a range of lifestyles and incomes.
  • South Portland, Mill Creek Plaza: A fifties-style shopping center dominated by a supermarket and empty pavement. Transform into a vibrant, mixed-use commercial center with access to transit and recreational paths.
  • Scarborough, Dunstan Corner: A busy commuter and tourist through-road bisecting an old village center. Create a focal point for the growing small-business strip development by creating a focused location for new commercial and mixed use infill development, enhancing an adjacent smart growth community.
  • West Kennebunk: A small emerging center with historic and rural roots. Show residents how a rural/farmland oriented kind of development with increased density can create vibrancy, maintain the link to the community’s farming roots, and visually enhance existing architecture and the growth of new small businesses.
  • Wells, Transportation/ Municipal Center: A tourist-based community with no village center and minimal road connections. Create a conceptual master plan for a square-mile village area to introduce potential future travel connections and identify locations that present mixed-use opportunities as a future village center.
  • Kittery, Gourmet Alley/ Foreside: An emerging food-based commercial strip, adjacent to an underutilized parcel, with little connection to a thriving village center. Consider options for redeveloping underutilized property that can forms an anchor between existing and emerging downtown areas, creating mixed-use higher density housing and stronger bike and pedestrian connections.