Making Sustainability Work

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An Interactive Event from Sustain Southern Maine

WHEN: November 7th, 2013, 1:30 – 6:30 PM

WHERE: North Dam Mill, 2 Main St., Biddeford, ME

WHAT: An interactive event where people can view first-hand how sustainable development could look in nine very different Southern Maine communities.

WHAT ELSE:  Additional booths on HOW to develop our communities more sustainably, frequent snacks from Union House Pizza and eloquent speakers.

Our major speaker, Jeanne Dubois, Executive Director of the Dorchester Bay Development Corporation, will discuss how to move toward funding and implementation of infrastructure projects at the local and regional level.  She will speak at 4:15pm.

Amazing food will be provided all day by Union House Pizza. during the afternoon a variety of snacks will be available including buffalo chicken, caramelized onion and artichoke, and mashed potato pizza bites.  After five these will be augmented by an array of dips and hors d’oeurvs as well as a cash bar!

Booths will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • How to Find Project Funding: Our speaker, Jeanne Dubois, and local experts will look at the ways to fund different kinds of sustainable projects and developments.  There will be a particular focus on creating and encouraging centers of opportunity and transit oriented developments.
  • Ask a Developer: Here is your chance to talk with actual developers about how to make the project you want built in your community feasible and developer friendly.
  • Growing Jobs and the Economy from Within: Jobs are an integral part of a sustainable economy and Mobilize Maine will be here to discuss their efforts and strategies to create jobs here in Maine.
  • How to Make Transportation work in your Community: This booth will look at all modes of transportation from improving traffic flow on local streets to how and why bike/ped infrastructure is important to the next steps for NNEPRA and the Downeaster rail service.
  • Providing Affordable Homes: Affordable housing is an important need here in Southern Maine.  This booth will look at what gaps exist in our housing market and what can be done to address them.
  • Preparing for Climate Change: How is a changing climate affection us here in Maine and how are our communities adapting to these changes?
  • What’s New in Energy: This booth will look at energy use trends and examine the the different sources of renewable energy being used here in Maine.
  • Conserving Rural and Agricultural Lands: How much open space and agricultural land is left in Southern Maine? What is being to done to conserve them and why are they important?
  • How Water Works: The Southern Maine Regional Water Council will look at the questions of where our water comes from and what we can do to expand public water access.
  • The Importance of New Mainers: Why are new Mainers so important to our region and what can we do to help them become an active part of our economy and society more quickly.
  • Legislative Sustainability Tools: GrowSmart Maine will show us what is happening in the Maine State Legislature that could affect sustainable development in the state.
  • Building a Data Picture of Southern Maine: The Muskie School will look at what data is available on where development is occurring and how local zoning is playing a part.
  • Creating Healthy Communities: Meeting the need of all ages of Mainers to have access to  good nutrition and opportunities for physical exercise.
  • All nine of our Pilot Communities will have there own booth to discuss what was learned in the pilot center process, their next steps, and what parts are applicable to similar communities.

Parking at the event will be limited and we encourage you to carpool.  If you are looking for a ride or have space in your car try using to find other people coming to the event.

Check back later for more information.