Multi-Modal Transportation

Multi-modal transportation priorities were developed for the Sustain Southern Maine region through creation of a series of related plans and reports. The overarching report being the regional Multi-Modal Transportation Plan in which all the recommended priorities are brought together. The existing long-range transportation plans of the 2 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) within the region, Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) and Kittery Area Comprehensive Transportation System (KACTS), served as the basis for the multi-modal plan. The series of related plans and documents (available below) served to augment and update the information contained within the existing long range plans. Additionally, 2 Knowledge Sharing sessions, Regional Transit for Southern Maine and Trails and A Livable Southern Maine were held to present on examples of local best practice as well as discuss related challenges faced by the region.


Tools & Resources

Transportation for America’s Twelve Innovations in Transportation Policy States Should Consider in 2016Aimed at state level reform, the overarching goals and proposed policy reforms are equally applicable to regional and local entities.

Sustain Southern Maine Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

Sustain Southern Maine Road & Bridge Infrastructure Report

Sustain Southern Maine Transit Report

Sustain Southern Maine Freight Report

Sustain Southern Maine Bicycle & Pedestrian Report

Bicycle & Pedestrian Report Appendix C

Bicycle & Pedestrian Report Appendix D

Bicycle & Pedestrian Report Appendix E