Gray: Gray Village

The Gray Village is a classic New England town center.  The Sustain Southern Maine team worked to identify key parcels that could accept mixed growth and were complimentary to town redevelopment plans for the Monument Square and Hancock Blocks.  This was done with the intention that the work would be integrated with the town’s Master Plan.

On March 26th, 2013 the team held a workshop  with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts  to develop ideas for the village.  Workshop attendees were charged with exploring opportunities for how the village might grow over the next 25-35 years in a way that captures a significant amount of the town’s projected housing and job growth.  From the workshop input a set of lessons learned and development scenarios were created.

A public workshop was held June 3rd, 2013 to solicit input on the development scenarios.  Three posters were presented depicting the scenario concepts.  The first depicts an overall map with proposed uses and new road connections.  The second depicts a series of sample cross sections of different types of roads.  The third depicts a close up of proposed improvements to Portland Road, including a connection to Center Street.


Approximate Study Area Map:

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