Kennebunk: West Kennebunk

West Kennebunk is a historic small village just west of the Maine Turnpike in Kennebunk.  In recent years several initiatives have added to the assets of the village: a new elementary school, the extension of the East Coast Greenway through the area, and new small businesses.  The Sustain Southern Maine team looked at potential development templates that would complement traditional hamlet and village formats for future residential and business growth.

On June 17th, 2013 a workshop with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts was held to develop ideas for a few specific parcels within the study area.  In addition to developing a template for growth, attendees were charged with generating ideas for how the village and adjacent agricultural lands could both co-exist and add value to each other. From the workshop input a set of lessons learned and development scenarios were created.

A public workshop was held September 18th, 2013 to solicit input on the development scenarios, as well as how to integrate the concepts within the scenarios into the town’s Strategic Action Plan for Economic Development. A series of posters were presented depicting the scenario concepts.  The 1st depicts a village concept plan and the 2nd an expanded village concept plan. A 3rd depicts a series of sample cross sections and aerials of agricultural and recreational areas. The 4th depicts a series of example photos of typical growth patterns to consider, opportunities found in denser development, mobility ideas, and ways of linking to agricultural and recreational uses.

Approximate Study Area Map:

Additional Materials