Kennebunk: West Kennebunk

West Kennebunk is a historic small village just west of the Maine Turnpike in Kennebunk.  In recent years several initiatives have added to the assets of the village: a new elementary school, the extension of the East Coast Greenway (a bicycle and pedestrian trail linking towns and cities along the East Coast) through the area, new small businesses, and expansion of the village zoning district.  We will be looking at potential development templates that would complement traditional hamlet and village formats for future residential and business growth.

A meeting with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts was held the week of June 17th to develop ideas for a few specific parcels within the study area.  A summary of the opening portion of this workshop can be found here and a draft lessons learned document is available here.

An evening public workshop was held September 18th at the Dorothy Stevens Center. This meeting also included a discussion of the towns larger Strategic Action Plan for Economic Development and how these ideas could fit within it. For more info about Kennebunk’s Strategic Action Plan, go to

At the meeting a series of posters were presented depicting the work done at the June meeting.  They included two overall maps of the studied parcels showing a concept layout and an expanded version.  Other posters showed details of the plan, including cross sections and a close up of the farm and recreational areas, and a series of photos showing real world examples of different aspects of the concept.


Approximate Study Area Map:


Additional Materials