Kittery: Kittery Foreside

Kittery Foreside is the traditional downtown of Kittery.  Bordering the downtown is an emerging concentration of food-oriented businesses and a newly built health care center.  The Sustain Southern Maine team examined ways to encourage both areas to grow in concert.  Particular focus was placed on visioning for an underutilized property that could act as an anchor connecting the two areas.

On February 11th, 2013 a technical workshop with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts was held to develop ideas for the underutilized parcel.  In addition to development ideas for the parcel, attendees were charged with developing ideas regarding potential job and residential growth, types of desired activities, and multi-modal transportation options. From the workshop input a set of lessons learned and development scenarios were created.

A public workshop was held on May 16th, 2013 to solicit input on the development scenarios.  A series of posters were presented depicting the scenario concepts.  The first depicts an overall vision for the area with street improvements, improved connections, and proposed uses.   The 2nd depicts a close up of the State Rd. and Waterman Dr. intersection with potential new buildings and road improvements.  The 3rd depicts a series of sample road cross sections of how roads could be improved for better traffic flow and a better pedestrian experience.


Approximate Study Area Map: