Scarborough: Dunstan Corner

Dunstan Corner is a long-standing village area along Route 1 in Scarborough that during the last half of the 20th Century grew as a commercial strip.  In the last 10 years, the town and developers have looked again to a more traditional village format, with a neighborhood development known as Dunstan Crossing in progress and town-and-village style zoning in place. In addition, a key intersection at Payne Road and Route 1 is being relocated to increase traffic safety and flow.  We will be exploring the economic development opportunities that may be opening up along Route 1, how those opportunities might lead to a more complete neighborhood commercial district to complement other residential and mixed-use development, and how the development could be designed in a way that is consistent with current village-style zoning.

We met with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts the week of April 9th to develop ideas for this site. A summary of the opening portion of this workshop including presentations and discussion can be found here.  The lessons learned from Scarborough are available here.

A public workshop was held May 21st at the Scarborough Town Offices to allow everyone to provide thoughts and input on these ideas.  At this meeting two posters displaying the results of the previous workshop were presented.  The first displayed a map of the area depicting a new “Main St.” with associated development.  The second showed simple renderings of potential building size and location along with highlighting particular aspects of the larger map.


Approximate Study Area Map:

 Additional Materials