South Portland: Mill Creek

Mill Creek is a classic early Sixties-era shopping center adjacent to a traditional neighborhood and small downtown.  It has a history of commercial success but also has shown some signs of age with strong retail competition from newer, outlying shopping centers. It is dominated by large frequently underused parking lots.  We will be examining opportunities for redesign and infill development to increase the efficiency, profitability, and usability of the area.  We will look at increasing density and adding a mix of uses to make the area more vibrant and inviting.

We met with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts the week of January 16th to develop ideas for this site.  A summary of the first portion of this meeting, including presentations and discussion is available here.

We’ve also taken what we learned in Mill Creek and made it applicable to other, similar communities who may want to attract growth and redevelop their shopping centers. This way, other communities can benefit from what was learned in South Portland and have the option of applying to their own planning activities. Click Here for the Lessons Learned in South Portland document. .

An evening public workshop was held on May 9 to allow everyone to provide thoughts and input on these ideas.  At this meeting three posters were presented showing potential phases of development that would meet the goals and desires identified in the previous workshop.  The first poster showed some immediate projects that the city could undertake in the near future while the  second poster showed some longer term possibilities for redevelopment in the area.  The third poster showed a possible but unlikely future scenario that explored what would be necessary to meet the hypothetical goals that SSM had identified for the area in terms of density.  A pdf version of these posters can be found here.  A list of the public feedback we received on these posters is available here.


Approximate Study Area Map:



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