Westbrook: Prides Corner

Prides Corner is a loosely developed area on Route 302 in Westbrook.  We will be looking for opportunities to implement the City’s new comprehensive plan that is intended to guide future development away from the strip pattern that is starting to take hold there and to provide more opportunity for housing and local businesses.  To help residents see the possibilities, we’ll provide visualizations of what the area could look like with careful planning.

We met with property owners, municipal staff and technical experts the week of February 26th to develop ideas for this site.  A summary of the first portion of this meeting, including presentations and discussion is available here.  The Lessons Learned document from Westbrook can be found here.

An evening meeting was held May 22 to allow everyone to provide thoughts and input.  At the meeting two posters showing the work that we had done based on the February workshop were presented.  The first showed an overall map of the site with proposed connections and uses.   The second showed some simple renderings of building size and placement as well as highlighting the details of certain intersections.  A list of the feedback we received at that meeting is available here.

Approximate Study Area Map:
Additional Materials