What We’ve Learned

In this section of the Sustain Southern Maine website, we’ll be posting information on all the things we’ve learned. Here you can find information on:

Knowledge Sharing Sessions 

An important part of the Sustain Southern Maine partnership is making it easier to find out what other partners are doing, and how solutions can potentially complement each other. Lots of very creative thinking is going on in Maine right now, and the partnership provides a free exchange of ideas and solutions. Our knowledge sharing sessions are panel discussions led by different partnership members on a variety of topics. Past topics include: Placemaking, Local Food, Energy, and Housing.


Developing Our Action Plan

The Sustain Southern Maine team is currently creating an inventory of recent work-to-date on seven broad topics. One of the Partnership’s key roles in 2013 will be to review and refine the recommendations within this work for the region as a whole, focusing on those that are of critical importance to strengthening the region’s economy, environment and community.



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