Economic Development

Mobilize Maine serves as the economic development arm of Sustain Southern Maine and the two programs collaborate closely to leverage resources and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Mobilize Maine is carried out through each of seven Economic Development Districts (EDD) statewide, two of which are within the Sustain Southern Maine geography – the Greater Portland Council of Governments EDD and the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission EDD.

Mobilize Maine is a bottom up approach to economic development focusing on mapping and strengthening regional assets, including skills, businesses, activities, and special places. Through a disciplined series of steps led by the private sector, Mobilize Maine utilizes an asset-based approach that allows business and community leaders to take charge of their own regional economy.

The joint venture between the 2 initiatives has led to the development of a new Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for each of the EDDs. Each Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy reflects the priorities of its respective region, but they also share overlapping priorities and together represent the larger southern Maine region.

Additionally, through Mobilize Maine Action Teams formed at each EDD, efforts to implement the finding of the CEDS and the priority strategies and actions are well underway. The work of the Action Teams continues to provide opportunity to integrate the work of Sustain Southern Maine into Mobilize Maine.